Adam has found teaching to be the most rewarding part of his academic career; his top priority is fostering students' skills and understanding so they can make a positive impact.

Instructional Experience

  • Indiana University Kelley School of Business
    • Supply Chain Management with Digital Technologies (BUS-P319), Spring 2024
    • Supply Chain Operations (BUS-P509), Spring 2023, Spring 2024
    • Supply Chain Management & Technologies (BUS-P561), Spring 2023, Spring 2024
    • Supply Chain Analytics (BUKD-E732), Fall 2022, Fall 2023
    • Introduction to Spreadsheet Modeling (BUS-K507), Fall 2022, Fall 2023
    • Introduction to Operations Management (BUS-P300), Fall and Spring 2022, Fall and Spring 2023
    • Quantitative Analysis (BUKD-C520), Summer 2022, Winter 2021
    • Technology & Business Analysis (BUS-K303), Fall 2021
  • University of Michigan School of Public Health
    • Operations Research and Control Systems (HMP 654), Fall 2020
    • Data Management in Health Care (HMP 553), Winter 2020
  • University of Michigan College of Engineering
    • Economic Decision-Making (IOE 201), Fall 2019 (Lead Instructor)
  • Mayo Clinic Department of Management Engineering and Internal Consulting
    • Orientation to Healthcare, 2016-2017 (Course Developer and Instructor)
  • Yale School of Public Health
    • Introduction to Statistical Thinking II (BIS 505b), Spring 2013
    • Introduction to Statistical Thinking I (BIS 505a), Fall 2012
  • Yale College/Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
    • Stochastic Modeling in Decision Making (OPRS 237), Fall 2011

Additional Teaching Education and Engagement

  • INFORMS Early Career Teaching Network (2022-Present)
  • Faculty Learning Community on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Indiana University Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (2021-2022)
  • ENGR 580: Teaching Engineering (Fall 2020)
  • Preparing Future Faculty Seminar (Spring 2020)
  • INFORMS Doctoral Colloquium (Fall 2019)


Adam's research involves integrating operations research methods to evaluate healthcare access. Additionally, he is exploring scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) ideas in quantitative business and engineering classroom courses. His previous research focused on economic and decision analysis applied to global health.

Impact of Multidisciplinary Interests on Classroom Experiences (2022-present)

Exploring how students with multidisplinary interests/majors experience classroom content and learning.

Triaging Non-Urgent Patients During COVID-19 (2020-2021)

Developing models to help the VA triage colonoscopy patients under reduced capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions. Learn more

Patient Preference for Telehealth (2018-2020)

Simulation models to help specialty care providers in the VA accommodate patient preference for telehealth when determining next appointment modality. Learn more

Veteran Access to Eye Screening (2017-2020)

Designed systems to improve veteran access to screenings for chronic eye disease screenings using mixed-integer programming and facility location models. Learn more

Clincal Outcomes of Patient Alone Time (2017)

Understanding the effects of patients spending extended time alone in emergency departments. Learn more

Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Therapy for Pregnant Women in Ghana (2011-2013)

Developed a decision analytic model that incorporates clinical information into a decision tree with embedded Markov model to evaluate two therapy regimens for HIV-positive pregnant women in Ghana. Read more

Poverty & Visual Impairment from Cataract in Ghana (2011-2012)

Analyzed the relationship between visual impairment due to cataract and economic impact of subsidized treatment. This work was conducted with Unite For Sight. Read more